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I have a foreman 2001 450 es and found this weekend after riding a small gas leak on the right sode of the carb:
I would think it called the pump set part 3 16048HM5L00
I see the leak by the rubber boot are there any replacement gasket or do I need to buy the complete pump?
ATV runs fine I did add some Gas Stabilizer a few weeks back 2oz for the 4 gallon gas tank
I don;t think it would harm the gaskets it is made for gas that the bike is stored for a month or two upstate in cold weather
I see there is 2 small screws that mount it too the carb: I wonder how hard is it to remove the pump or do you have to remove the carb: for this repair?

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I'm not real sure what you have I can't pull online schematics up at work but somone will be along shortly to help you. as faar as the sta-bil I wouldn't worry about that it won't hurt anything
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