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My first post! Glad to see there's a specific forum for Honda ATVs.

Over the past year, I've been having issues with my Rancher not shifting down when I have it in "ESP" mode. This issue results in: losing the option to go into reverse/neutral, down shifting while riding, and 1st gear being obsolete now.

At first, I read it could be the "gummy grease" in the forks/gears following the shift motor. So, I took the shift motor off, and tested the up/down buttons on my electronic shift module, and up works but down doesn't (up spins the motor, down doesn't).

I then tried holding the down button for approximately 2-3 seconds, and I can hear the faintest little "click" somewhere below screen on the handlebars; when this happens, the "2nd Gear" number 2 on the screen goes from "2" to blank - holding the up button does not cause this issue. Then, if I turn the key off, and then on, the 2 appears back on the screen, and I'm back to square one.

Now, when I'm in "AUTO" mode, I'll start in 2nd, get all the way up to 5th, slowly decelerate, and it will shift down for me, but I still can't use the down button to get into neutral/reverse.

The kicker - maybe 10 times out of the last 100 times riding, my down button has worked. Out of those 10 times, maybe half of them as I'm riding the button will again stop working.

I'm thinking about replacing the electric shift module/switch (that goes on the left handlebar) - is this the right troubleshooting move? Any other advice/tips/tricks would be very welcome - cheers!
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