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CANT get starter off!!

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2003 rancher es 350. brushes sticking and i cant get the starter off to look at them removed wire and bolts but the cover seems to be cemented on from 7 years of riding. tried removing the whole unit but i figure that wont happen unless i get rear cover off first. any suggestions?
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thanks helmut. yeah i removed wire and the two bolts. tried grasping the whole starter and pulling but that didnt work. it looks like according to schematics that the back 1/3 actually comes off allowing to see some guts and brushes then the whole unit cam be pulled out which is what you are saying. in any event, i cant get any of the starter to come off. i tapped it and twisted it but ant get either piece off. i think the tapping helped though cause now she starts every push of start button but i know thats onlt temporary, gotta get those brushes cleaned or replaced
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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