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CANNOT identify needed hardware on rear axle - help?

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Honda diagrams of the trx200's frame and swingarm are of zero help so I hope I can glean some knowledge from y'all here.

I recently ordered another round of parts for my $20 scrapyard quad, this time a much needed new carb, and fuel petcock valve. However one thing is still in my way - NUTS AND BOLTS!

There is a flange nut and/or flange bolt on the rear swingarm/subframe that helps keep the two components properly mated and prevents flexing. (Near the rear sprocket)

The previous owner apparently removed or lost this hardware and improvised by jamming a single random bolt into the bolt hole and threaded two nuts onto it back to back.

This setup allows the frame/swingarm to flex/move, causing the chain to pop off every time you go over a bump or turn too tightly.

Can anyone help me identify this hardware in terms of which nuts and bolts are needed, and where they can be acquired? I apologise for my ignorance, this is my first time working on one of these little hondas, and my head is spinning!
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It's a 1986, and I'll give that another look. I wish I had a photo of the location in question, will take one tomorrow if I don't dig something up.
Sadly I'm in Arizona, otherwise that'd be killer. Going to load the quad up in the back of the truck today and move it to our new place, I'll be sure to snap a pic of it then.

Is there a full exploded view of the assembled rear end we can look at? I feel that would help. Pointing out the area I am thinking of feels next to impossible between all these seperate component diagrams.
I've been to partzilla. The problem is I am looking for only a nut and a bolt that holds the frame and the swingarm(?) together, not a part that belongs to one of the seperate components. I think this is what's making it hard to find.

Has no one else had this problem with their quad before?
Shows the component itself but not the bolts/nuts that fix it to the frame... neither does the frame diagram if I'm seeing it correctly.
If I'm seeing this right I need the bolts that pass through the two points at the top-right of the swingarm in that diagram.
I might be explaining this wrong, haha - it's not the super long bolt, rather the shorter ones that go on the back of the swingarm. It pinches two parts of the frame together, without it the chain pops off from the allowed flex.
If i remember correctly it's one of the bottom two in this pic. Previously had a random bolt and 2 nuts through it, which was wiggling.


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1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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