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CANNOT identify needed hardware on rear axle - help?

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Honda diagrams of the trx200's frame and swingarm are of zero help so I hope I can glean some knowledge from y'all here.

I recently ordered another round of parts for my $20 scrapyard quad, this time a much needed new carb, and fuel petcock valve. However one thing is still in my way - NUTS AND BOLTS!

There is a flange nut and/or flange bolt on the rear swingarm/subframe that helps keep the two components properly mated and prevents flexing. (Near the rear sprocket)

The previous owner apparently removed or lost this hardware and improvised by jamming a single random bolt into the bolt hole and threaded two nuts onto it back to back.

This setup allows the frame/swingarm to flex/move, causing the chain to pop off every time you go over a bump or turn too tightly.

Can anyone help me identify this hardware in terms of which nuts and bolts are needed, and where they can be acquired? I apologise for my ignorance, this is my first time working on one of these little hondas, and my head is spinning!
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well then 42 is the bolts on this print
those bolts ( and I was thinking this from the start ) is the chain adjustment tension bolts.
If i remember correctly it's one of the bottom two in this pic. Previously had a random bolt and 2 nuts through it, which was wiggling.
where are the chain adjustment bolts ?, I don't see the two that are suppose to be attached to those lower bolts ???. they are number # 3 in fishes post above ^^.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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