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Can you make a utility really fast.

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I was wondering if I were to buy like a brand new Honda Foreman,or a new Rubicon,would it be possible to make it REALLY fast,but still just have a foot shift and no clutch?And race worthy fast,such as a GNCC race type.But will probably only mud with it.Just curious.....
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there is big bore kits, cams, probably even stroker kits to really get some power out the motor. but most would opt to not go this route because it might lessen the dependability of the quad.

i saw a video the other day of a polaris (yea i know boo!!!) 700 4x4 racing a Suzuki 400 sport 4 wheeler and the polaris draged it.

the thing about a utilty quad if you make it real fast is its higher center of gravity is going to make it more unstable. im going for the same thing with my 300 fourtrax, so i understand where your coming from.
here is the race i was talking about.

yea its 5 speed. im rockin the 88 so nothing special, has some pretty short gears, but if you make thems gears work its kinda quick. cant wait till i get it modded some.
dohh, i fail.

another thing to consider it you wreck it, its alot more weight that a sports 4 wheeler so its probably gonna hurt that much more.

you might wanna just stick with intake, pipe, maybe higher performance cdi box and jetting. wouldent really want to go into the motor.

but, if you really want to go fast, put a turbo on it :D no telling how long it will last tho....
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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