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Hi All,

My quad has had some trouble starting recently (battery not charging) . That damb clicking noise...

Anyhow, the previous owners must of jet sprayed under the seat as there was sediment everywhere and even in some of the connections.

The photo below shows 2 parts that I pulled apart and sprayed with wd40.They were dirty and it looks like its burnt!!

Spraying this with the wd40 fixed the charging issue. It's been good for about a month with no problems. However, its doing it again now and I think its probably due to these parts. Can anyone tell me what they/how they work/ where I can get them and at what cost?

Bike is a Honda 420 2009.

Really appreciate all your help.

Many thanks


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I am currently looking at my bike for an overcharging issue, probably the rectifier but the manual also mentions a alternator starter coil that I have not found on partzilla yet, I was thinking it might be called a relay

Not sure if it's your part or not how many wires go to the connector...btw I have a 2007 trx420fe. If I learn anything more I'll let ya know.

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