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cam timing

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can someone tell me how to set the cam timing on a 1986 trx200sx
i purchased a online manual but it dont tell me how to set the cam timing
any help woulld be appritiated
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Also make sure the Lobes are facing down. And the marks on the cam gear allign with the top of the head.
The mark above the "T" alligns with the notch in the inspection hole the side case. The - - marks on the cam gear allign with the top of the head where the cam bolts down LOBES FACING DOWN and TDC on COMPRESSION STROKE.
are the valves closed? how did you space the rings?
Try this and see if this helps.
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Anytime bro glad we are here to save you a few bucks anyway.
Yeah it does loosen the rockers all the way and pull the sparkplug out and sick your fingr over the hole and bump it around until the pressure pushes your finger out the fine tune it to the "T" notch. re adjust the valves and try it again.
Anytime bro sorry about the misfortune.. You'll get it worked out though
Yes I am pretty sure it does.
Yaaayyy another succsess story for the forum!!!! you know it's extremel rare that we have a DOA Honda up here I have noticed this.
1 - 9 of 48 Posts
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