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cam timing

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can someone tell me how to set the cam timing on a 1986 trx200sx
i purchased a online manual but it dont tell me how to set the cam timing
any help woulld be appritiated
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there is a mark on the cranh looks like this |T and on the cam i have lines that look like this _ _1 on each side of the cam
then theres 5 holes on the cam 3 at the top and 2 on bottom i,ll take a pik and show you


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well not sure what i,m doing wrong it fires at the plug but wont start i have the t mark lined up but maybe i,m not on the compression stroke
this may sound stupid but whats the best way to tell your on the compresion stroke
now i have no compression so i think i might have spaced the rings wrong.
here is what happened i had a bad cam and when i took it out one of the ball bearings fell into the motor case so i had to tear down the topend and side covers to find the bearing which i did not find. so whay i had all this off i wanted to buy a piston and rings but i dont have the money right i put it back together and now i have no compression.some one told me that the rings had to set a certain way or it would not seal correctly so i,m gonna take it apaet again and try it all over
yeah that will help me out alot.thanks for your help i,ll get it back together tomarrow and let you no what happens
the valves seem to be fine i might have pinched a ring when i put it back together.this just sucks it had a ton of power then i changed the cam and now this. man i cant catch a break with this stuff.thanks for all your help guys
ok i got it fired up but i have to pump the gas like no other to get it started.also it sounds like a piston slap in the top end.could this be because the timing is out 180 degreese? thanks guys
looked at the piston today and 1 ring is busted so looks like i gotta get a new set.i,ll order them monday when i get paid so till then i,m stuck.thanks for all your help
thanks for that info i,ll be sure to do that.also does the crank turn 2 revolutions to the cams 1?
thanks guys i,m pretty sure it was out 180 degrees. but i,ll get new rings ordered monday and let you guys no how it goes.
thanks for all the help.
rookie mistake lol. i will definitely be asking questions when i put this back together. i,m just glad i found a site that has so many friendly members and that no what there doing
got my rings in today gonna put it back together tomarrow. hope it all goes well. i,m having 4wheeler withdraws lol
man i,m stumped.i put it at tdc and still cant get it to fire.back fires alittle bit but wont start at all.
i cant seem to find the compression stroke and i,m not sure why.i put my finger over the hole and theres very little compression.i checked the cylinder walls there in spec and the piston is also in spec. if i take the head back off and turn the crank untill its on the T line does this mean i,m on the compression stroke? i just cant seem to get this figured out and really dont wanna put nomore money in it. it had a ton of power till i changed the cam. i still dont think the rings are seating in the piston right.and i,m sure this will cause it to not build up pressure.i spaced the rings like the picture shows and i still have no power.anymore help will be apprictiated.
sweet got it fixed.come to find out i bought a used part that the lifters set in and it was the wrong 1 for my 4 wheeler .i took the rockers out of that 1 put in my old 1 and wow i,m happy.thank you all so much for all your help
yeah i can see why ,you all no your hondas like no other.i,m just glad you all were able to help me.i really apprictiate it.
had i sent it to my local dealer i,d had to take out a second morgage lol
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