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Cam far off is too much?

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Hi guys, long time lurker here, feel mildy bad for making an account to ask a question:|. I've been messing with my timing chain for some time now and all the relatable posts I can find often have different factors in play.

I have an 06 300ex, 305(307? cant remember) big bored, high comp piston, a cam, kibblewhite valve sprangs. It has been running great since the build about 20 hrs ago. I knew the timing was SLIGHTLY off at the time and "I'll fix in a couple weeks" turned into a year. My 2 smoker is down and waiting on parts (surprise surprise) so I figured this is the time to give the 300 some attention.

So, I've tried 2 different cam sprockets, a new chain, guides are good, tensioner feels smooth and working. Crank is OEM never opened up, head not shaved, cam bearings were replaced when I installed the cam.

Cam lobes have slight "feelable" wear gouges in them. Guess I need to bite the bullet and get some fresh rockies(or maybe the KW springs are too stiff?).

Back to I need to worry about the timing being barely off? First pic is TDC and second pick is the marks on the bottom end AFTER I aligned the top sprocket marks. Tensioner is on and tensioned. I tried my best to line up the photos for accurate representation.

Any input is appreciated, feel free to tell me I'm an idiot :icon_rolleyes:


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Timing chain is ever so slightly stretched. I have actually seen new timing chains be off by this much from the start. Shaky tolerances in there manufacturing process. Not enough to worry about. My .02
No problem glad to help!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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