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I’m new to the forum but need some help, so I’m going to buy a Honda 300 2wd tomorrow for $750 all it needs is a battery, what’s some common things I should look for before handing over the cash? Anything in particular to look for problem wise? Lastly I’m going to use the 4 wheeler to cross my swamp to get to my deer stand so I will be putting a snorkel on it, I want to put something like a outlaw 2 or terminator on it and I was thinking I can fit a little bit bigger of a tire since it’s 2wd and all power will being send to 2 wheels instead of 4. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

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Theres acouple good videos on youtube that go over things you can check when buying a used atv, check them out because they go into details. They pretty much boil down to a few key things:

Check the oil for signs of maintenance and water contamination.
Check airbox for signs of maintenance, water, general use etc.
Wheel bearings, shocks, a-arms, bushings etc.
CV boots.
Look for dirt build up due to oil/grease leaking.
Condition of plastics
Condition of seat
Does it Start
Any obvious signs of flipping (bent handle bars) or running into things, racks.
I would also check spark plug and test compression.
Im sure I'm missing stuff, but this is what I would look at.

As for crossing swamps, I'd say forget the 2x4 and look for a 4x4.
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Crossing a swamp.... 4x4 would be better IMO however, 2wd do well also..

You'd need to put a fair bit of money into a build though, gear reduction, tires (mambas do well in the swamp but are heavy as hell), snorkel, lift, waterproofing all electrical connections, extended vent lines etc etc...

Depends how deep your swamp is I guess
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