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Broken idle adjuster on 06 TRX400EX?

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I just recently got this quad. I started doing some maintenance like oil change, oil filter change, air filter, spark plug, and then I was checking out the idle adjuster and saw what looks to me to be a broken cable? It looks like two separate pieces of wire/cable that one isnt attached? not sure to what... ? Was it just a braided cable and its broken? No clue. I see one end seems to go in to the carb and has a spring on it. Do I need to replace this? Any idea on the part #? How difficult is the replacement, any thoughts?

:EDIT: all the pics I see online, it just looks busted.
Looks like part # 16028-HM3-L00
I'm gonna order one. Always nice when I post and then answer my own questions :) haha


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I don't know anything about the 400EX but... is that a broken or cut choke cable? Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable will find this and offer a bit more help.

You can get a copy of the service manual HERE to use as a guide for repairing and maintaining your bike.

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I watched more and it's the idle adjust. It is broken. I ordered a new one. as you screw it in, it pushes on the throttle assembly, and will control how low it can go, increasing the idle.
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