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Thanks people for all the support here!!
I have a 2008 TRX420FE and just put in a new top end. New gaskets, oversized piston, bored cylinder, new valve seals and machinist lapped my valves.. Upon installing all of this we tightened all the bolts down to spec, but one of the outside "cylinder bolts" (not the head bolts) of the pushrod channel snapped.. Now we just compressed the new gaskets and spec'd all the other bolts, etc.. I have one bolt left holding the jug's jut-out. To properly fix this means disassembling all over again, to get to the block and argue with the broken bolt there.. I'd hate to try to fish an ez-out down the jug's bolt hole and attempt to drill straight, but I also don't want to negate our assembly and new set of gaskets.

I'm tempted to leave it unless it starts leaking out behind the pushrod channel. Am I shooting myself in the foot by not addressing this? Thanks!

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The right way to do it is the remove the top end, get the bolt out, and put in a new bolt.

That said, if you run it like it is, worst that can happen is you have a leak, either oil or coolant. If that happens you can remove the top end, get the bolt out, and put in a new bolt. If it doesn't, you're fine.

That's my take on it.
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