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brand new on here help and hello

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I have just got a free 1991 200d fourtrax and I want to just fix it enough to use around the place here I do think when I get ti running I would like to change the gearing to the lower side I can not find a going shop manual for free download and I do not spend a lot on this and it looks like the tires are going to be a big part


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Lower gearing : since you are chain driven , it would take a sprocket change , a bigger rear sprocket or smaller front sprocket or change both sprockets ---------I believe the way it works is you make a fraction of the front and rear sprockets , divide it out and that will tell you what you got now , Example 12/42 -- 12 divided by 42 equals 2.085 ratio , ----a 44 teeth rear /12 tooth front would put you at .2727 ----count the teeth on your front and rear sprockets
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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