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brand new on here help and hello

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I have just got a free 1991 200d fourtrax and I want to just fix it enough to use around the place here I do think when I get ti running I would like to change the gearing to the lower side I can not find a going shop manual for free download and I do not spend a lot on this and it looks like the tires are going to be a big part


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welcome to the forums. from what I am reading ? ^^^ your headed down a bad road !. dont half way fix it, and dont try to change the gearing !. if you dont know what your doing ?, then dont mess with what works !. fix it back like it left the factory, and leave it at that. do not start '' hacking '' things up !, if you do ?, you wont get much help here, all you will do is waste our time.
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OK Good news and bad news Good news I got it to turn over and it fired :eek:eek so that is great The lights and switches work ( HI and low beam) the neutral and reverse lights work Now the bad news The tail light lens is broken:sad also both choke and throttle cables are frozen But the carb needs a good cleaning so they can soak at the same time, I do not think the battery is going to hold a charge so will look for a used one The tires are bad and will not hold air but I can get tubes and they might last for awhile Can anyone help me with someplace to find used ATV tires ?The chain and sprockets look OK just need a good cleaning and lubing. The muffler is broken off but it is there and not to rusted out so I think I can weld it back up The outer part of the muffler has a few spots that are rusted threw but I can skin that and patch it up I want to thank ya for the links for the manuals they will be a big BIG help and saved me hrs of searching I think the air cleaner is a lost cause but maybe not So the plan is to get the tank off and a good cleaning ( I do not see any rust in it ) Pull the carb and clean it and get the cables freed up so I can run if for a bit and see if there is anything else that I need to look at runt it threw the gears to make sure nothing is broken Then look into what to spend on what I do think I got lucky all the fenders are in great shape no cracks or broken parts ( except the tail light) even the flaps are good The racks are good no dents or bends so a good cleaning and some paint and there good So a few things like how do you start a thread?? I would like to post as I go along for a cheep bargain barn 200d fortrax restore and any ideas would be great as I go along thanks
go to the front page, find DIY, build section, open it, look to the top left, see that big ole button that say's '' new thread '' ?, click it, then enter the topic, make, model, year, or just model ( full model ), and start typing your post out, then hit submit at the bottom.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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