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brand new on here help and hello

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I have just got a free 1991 200d fourtrax and I want to just fix it enough to use around the place here I do think when I get ti running I would like to change the gearing to the lower side I can not find a going shop manual for free download and I do not spend a lot on this and it looks like the tires are going to be a big part


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I agree, if your not sure what your doing, fixing a older atv can be a sink hole for money!
altering it will also most times cost you more than just making it good again!

tires do dry rot, but many times you can find cheap used tries folks take off newer atv's to get BIG one's, BIG tires are the cool thing these days LOL

as for a free download service manual, there night not be any out there on this model/yr
you can try looking on Ebay for a used paper copy one!

if your also not into fixing things, maybe just sell it AS IS< and use the money there to help you buy something in better shape, or part the atv out, many times things are worth more in parts than whole!
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I would suggest just replacing the fuel line its cheap, fuel sitting in lines a long time can case built up that will flake off when running and make a carb you just cleaned dirty
so for the small price and amount of line, just replace it and save yourself some headaches!

as for tubes, if tires are dry rotting, they won't be much help for long
look on local craigslist or local dealers for take off tires, many times they can be pretty darn cheap
and even used one's too!

as for changing gearing again, if your going to do so, when you change a sprocket your supposed to change BOTH sprockets as chain at same time, due to the fact the things wear into each other to seat, when you change just one sprocket or just a new chain, you will have excessive wear and tear on ALL things, getting you must shorter life of all 3 things!
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