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Box Case

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I'm new on here. I just got a 87 trx250x from a buddy in a box. the lower timing gear needed replaced. I did that (I hope I put it on straight). had the head honed replaced the rings and set the timing.

when I was setting the timing I couldn't get it perfect its about 1/2 tooth off.

when I was putting the bearings on the cam they slid on real easy.

Ive cleaned the carb 3 times and the tank filter and petcock once.

no decompression cable. and the rubber seal on the head gone. I replaced with a plastic plug for a garden pot and put silicone with it.

I also didn't know there was a special oil for motorcycles and put in regular penziol 10w-40.

My problem is Ive had it going and rode it. Rode about 2 blocks and back ran great. when I pulled in the drive I tried to give a little and the clutch slipped. so I turned my wheels straight and tried again( I thought maybe a cable from tuning and it did it again.) So I parked it and right before I turned it off the the plastic plug popped out and I got blue smoke( I'm not sure from the cam bearing hole or from oil hitting the muffler)

So I took the drain plug out and let the oil drip all night. I pu in the GN4 today and tried starting with another homemade seal and it will not start. spark good, comprssion good, getting gas.

Any help would be appreciated. I could go on and on.
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Welcome to the forums. Take the sparkplug out and pour a little gas down into the cylinder and quickly put the plug back in before the gas evaporates. Make sure the kill switch in in the "run" position. Now, try to start it. If it starts and runs for a second or two, the carb is stopped up. If it don't start, you have a problem with one of the following:




Cam timing
I don't know what could be making it hard to kick. If it jumped time, it should be easier to kick.
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