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Bolt size for rear Fender/carrier

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I purchased an older 95 Honda TRX300 Fourtrax (running fine). There's 2 missing bolts that fasten the rear fender to the rear carrier. They come in from underneath and screw into a threaded portion of the rear carrier. Does anyone know the bolt size/length?

ALso, I'm missing the two bolts that fasten the front fender (both sides) to the frame. Currently the fenders are somewhat loose and flopping around. Does anyone know the bolt size/length?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Welcome to the forums, good bike you got there! ;)

As for the carrier bolts, take a look at this:
Honda ATV Parts 1995 TRX300 A CARRIER ('93-'95) 93-95 Diagram

Parts zilla shows the schema of all parts (including bolts) as well as their part number. Very useful!

Good luck
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