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I have a 2006 Honda Forman 500. After I cleaned the carb out it would idle fine but when you give it gas it falls on it’s face. So I decided to just buy a new carb and put it on and the same problem. So I put a new plug in and made sure I didn’t have any air problems and also took the spark arrestor out but still have the problem. It isles fine but when you give it gas it bogs down, I was wondering if anybody could give me any thoughts

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Same problem with a new carb would instantly make me think three things...

1. New carb was Chinese (No China carbs work successfully)

2. No inline fuel filter.

3. Dirt in the fuel tank.

If your new carb was in the region of $50 it IS NOT a genuine carb and (honestly) you may as well throw it in the bin now to rid yourself of any further hassle and headaches.
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yeah exactly, if the fuel in tank is bad, or tank dirty, and you clean your carb, you will soon have another dirty carb as soon as you run crappy fuel thru new /cleaned carb
all fuel issues need to be corrected UP stream first, or your wasting your time

also kepe in mind fuel lines can get dirty just like carb parts
when you get issue's that drive you nuts many times it good to just rule all things out you can, clean tank, peacock, NEW fuel lines and use the Yellow its the ONLY one rated for ethanol fuel
then clean carb, make sure boots are good on carb
and NEW fresh fuel
and see what happens!
modern ethanol fuel can go bad in a VERY short time period too, like weeks or less
if atv sits often, its best to run NON ethanol and treat it as well
or if running ethanol , treat EVERY tank if it sits often!
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