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Hi I just bought a 2007 Trx450er a couple months ago and got totally lied to when buying it. I was told that there was minor work done to it.(breather mod, larger uni airfilter, hid lights) well to come to find out it has a 100mm big bore kit in it with a web 208 cam in it and a hot rod cranker in it. The carbs have work done to it also. Has a empire pipe and obviously what I was already told. Well a couple days ago I was riding around a track for about 30 min just putting around got on it a couple of times but as we were pulling back into the drive way I was shifting down and was having trouble doing so I hit neautral and rev it a little bit and it died out on me. I didn't think to much of it thought I hit kill switch on accident or something but when I got off I had oil pouring out of where my breather mod is. All of my oil in my crank case poured out of the brether itself and now I can't get it to start. I still have compression but it won't start it try's and try's and will back fire ever once and awhile but idk what to do I don't want to send it out if it's something minor I can fix in my shop I've asked around and people are saying it could be the crank seal but I find that weird because I figured it would still turn over. But any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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