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Hearing all this talk of running 25" & 26" tyres is making me think that my motor is well due a top end rebuild (I'm due to do that anyway) sooner rather than later. I can't spin 2nd at all wether it's in really water swampy bogs or the thick clay mud holes. Compared to some of the tyres you guys run I'd call mine a semi aggressive mud tyre.
I'm also thinking I may have gone to wide, currently running 10" in width front and rear, maybe 8's or 9's would have been more beneficial. give you an idea of what it cost over here as I know you are over the pond , I am just finishing up rebuilding my 300 engine , started it up last night and its sounding good , just picked up a new air filter on the way home , and I should be able to ride it tomorrow , cost of parts right under $500 , rebored jug , piston , wrist pin and clips , gaskets , timing chain , gasket set , seals , oil and filter , spark plug , air filter , reworked the head
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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