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Bigger Tires or Rims

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I have a 06 Recon TRX250 ES with factory rims and tires (Front 22x7x11 - Rear 22x10x9). I would like to go up in size on the tires to allow for a little more clearance. Was hoping to go to a 25" tire and use factory rims. Any ideas on what brand or size to go with. I was looking at ITP All Terrain tires but I can't find the same diameter tire that would fit both front and rear. If I am unable to replace just the tires any ideas on where I can find the same diameter rims. From what I can find the lug spacing is 4/110. I still need to verify this but this is the information I have right now.
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You could consider getting some early 2000 foreman wheels (12-inch diameter and 25” height.
problem to look—might be too little offset in rear.
here’s my 02 rancher work rig with 00
foreman wheels
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