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big bore or not??

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i have a 400ex but am thinking about maybe upgrading but should i go with the 426 or 440 or stay at a 400 and build the machine up with other aftermarket parts??
im open to any suggestions
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once again you set me straight haha. ive heard go with the big bada*s 440 but i heard itll blow a head real fast too even if usesing diff sparkplugs and race gas. im just looking to add a little pep in my step ya know im not looking to have the badest machine out there and i want it to last too....even tho its a honda, itll already last forever (im my opinion)......what kinda machine do you ride jw
oh ok thats cool too, i have a 300ex 400ex and a 500 foreman es. i like to go fast but the utility wheelers are BA too. ive done a ton of ridingon favorite is crossing rivers or goin across ponds, as soon as that front end goes under lean back and nail the throtle and it pops up and u can ride across on the water, i love sure you knew that but i was just sayn. do u have yours snokled??
so it was originaly a 300ex and u big bored it to a 330?? how do you like that cuz i also have a 300ex but i havnt done anything to it yet im tryn to build up my 400ex first.
with a 426 can i still just run 93 premium pump gas
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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