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battey problems or alternator problems

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so recently i have been having issue starting my 2001 honda fourtrax. the starter turns very slowly or i just get a click. if i jump it the starter turns just fine. i charge my battery the other day and it has drained again. ( key left on). i tried charging it again and the battery will not charge. when i used my multimeter when it was running last week i had 12 or so volts on the battery itself and them it would pull down to 9 while starting and then when machine was running i would have around 14 volts. i dont want to throw parts at it and am hoping its just the battery . how can i verify this. my manual starter was all seized up from previous ownwer so i need to buy a whole new one . looks like ive got to jump it now in the mean time. any help would be appreciated
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What does it measure (max volts) when you rev the motor up? Is your meter trustworthy?
14.9 seems a tad high. is this so. i think meter also.

fluke meter is a good meter. i still think the voltage is a tad high. i just stepped in the world of honda atv a couple of years ago.. wadda i know. at the moment, i am thinking digital v/s analog, an a friend who also has a good meter.
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