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battey problems or alternator problems

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so recently i have been having issue starting my 2001 honda fourtrax. the starter turns very slowly or i just get a click. if i jump it the starter turns just fine. i charge my battery the other day and it has drained again. ( key left on). i tried charging it again and the battery will not charge. when i used my multimeter when it was running last week i had 12 or so volts on the battery itself and them it would pull down to 9 while starting and then when machine was running i would have around 14 volts. i dont want to throw parts at it and am hoping its just the battery . how can i verify this. my manual starter was all seized up from previous ownwer so i need to buy a whole new one . looks like ive got to jump it now in the mean time. any help would be appreciated
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i ran it a few times to get firewood for about 20 minutes. how do i know if ive trashed the the stator or regulator rectifier?
my apologies about the langauge. im assuming if im getting around 14 volts to the battery that my charging system is considered to be ok? i will get a new battery asap
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just popped a new battery in today and i was getting 14.9 v at idle when i first started it up. it my charging system and regulator ok or did it get pooched running it with the lkow battery
i used my fluke meter and was getting 14.9 -15 volts at idle and 15 when engine was reved to various rpms. doesnt rise abouve 15
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