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Battery choice

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My battery (Die-hard gold U1R) died today after 8 years. Looking at choices. Interstate SP35R 300CCA, another Die-hard, or advance autocraft U1R-2 with 340CCA. Considering advance Sears in my area closed. There's a Kmart in Charleston WV. Need opinions please.

The Die-hard is 65.00 1yr warranty
Autocraft 50.00 3 month warranty
Interstate 51.00 6 month warranty
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I like the cranking power of the antigravity battery but the cold weather is brutal on them.
Anti gravity battery??
Antigravity is a company (others out there too) that produce Lithium ion batteries. Great cranking power, much lighter in weight and size but they suffer from the cold and you dont want to charge them with a normal battery charger. I've used them for several years on different harley, hayabusa, xr650r and I've personally never had an issue with them. Biggest thing is to replace the reg/rec on your bike with a MOSFET rec that is specifically designed for lithium ion batteries so they won't over charge them. Yeah the whole process can get a bit expensive but for the cranking power I love them.
Anti gravity battery??
I forgot to include a link. Just revzilla but they explain what these batteries have to offer pretty well. For my bikes I've used the four cell and it had plenty of power. Comes with foam shims in case you want to fill the extra space in the old battery box as well.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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