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Battery choice

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My battery (Die-hard gold U1R) died today after 8 years. Looking at choices. Interstate SP35R 300CCA, another Die-hard, or advance autocraft U1R-2 with 340CCA. Considering advance Sears in my area closed. There's a Kmart in Charleston WV. Need opinions please.

The Die-hard is 65.00 1yr warranty
Autocraft 50.00 3 month warranty
Interstate 51.00 6 month warranty
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I know most auto chain stores here sell AGM battery';s that have either a 1-2-3 yr warranty
so maybe keep looking if warranty matters to you
MY friend just buys or did, buy the walmart ones for 65 bucks, lasted exactly 91 days on last one, and died, and they refused to honor it, as it only had a 90 day warranty, he wasn't happy at all
said its his third battery from them and hasn';t got more than a yr, out of any of them!
but since there cheaper than the better battery's(125 or so)
he thinks he';s saving $$ LOL
but if buying one every yr I tell him, he's NOT LOL
so this time he went to autozone and picked up one there for 70 bucks, , had to add the acid and charge deal, the AGM was 125 and he refused to spend the extra $$
he just
installed it about 2 weeks ago
so far its holding a charge he says?
1 yr warranty on it I think on it too!
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