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Battery choice

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My battery (Die-hard gold U1R) died today after 8 years. Looking at choices. Interstate SP35R 300CCA, another Die-hard, or advance autocraft U1R-2 with 340CCA. Considering advance Sears in my area closed. There's a Kmart in Charleston WV. Need opinions please.

The Die-hard is 65.00 1yr warranty
Autocraft 50.00 3 month warranty
Interstate 51.00 6 month warranty
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Yausa for me, replaced my original after 10 yrs (1984) and am still on my 2nd battery but I keep a BatteryMINder Plus charger/ Desulfinator to dissolve the sulfates and is approved for all types of lead acid & Gel batteries, use these chargers on all my equipment and the Bunny just keeps on going, I swear by these chargers/ maintainers, all 3 of them and been using them for years. My 2 cents on it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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