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Hello, bought a 1990 Honda TRX300FW which needed a few things replaced. The bike was owned by an ol fella who used it for hauling wood around the yard. I bought 4 Honda ball joints, beat out the old ones on knuckle, tried to put the new oneson but they were too big. I measured both and the old ones are 32mm and the new ones are 34mm.. I went back to my local Honda parts dealer with an old ball joint. Fella looked up part number, said the parts he sold me are the right parts for that bike and are baffled and doesnt quite know what to do but call Honda im almost positive the fella who had the bike didn't replace the knuckle. Anyone ever run into this problem? Also, are the allballs racing after market ball joints any good and trust worthy?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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