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Ball joint replacement

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Anyone have any good videos or advice on replacing the ball joints on a 2004 Honda Rancher 350?

I can get them out, but trying to figure out how to put new ones in without damaging the boot.
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Getting them out is easy , putting them in without doing damage to them is not , like Sam mentioned , clean the bore before attempting to install , I like a Dremel with a sanding drum , don't take off too much and make them fit loose


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I've dropped certain types bearings and races in the deep freeze, never thought to try that with upper and lower ball joints, altho.... With the temp standing @ 18 degrees outside.... you wouldn't need a freezer

fish..... Looks like you had some stinging pest build up under the left fender.
That is a nice nest , seen them much bigger , that is a old pic -----on heavy equipment I have used dry ice to freeze bushings and use a rose bud to heat the housings/bores before installing
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