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back tries leak

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ok, the rear tires, both of them, leak after riding on them for a while. the front tires are fine but the back tires leak only when riding the wheeler. they hold air fine until, like i said i ride on them for about 2 mins. the problem occured for both of them at the same time. i have access to a tire changer, i was thinking of breaking the bead then sealing it again. i dont want to use slim unless i absoluetly have to. do you guys think derimming the tire, cleaning the rim then the rimming it again will solve the problem?
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I would try it. BTW, I don't think slime will seal a bead leak too good. On the slime website, they say it won't. They say it's only meant to seal the tread area of the tire and not the sidewalls or beads.

That Fix-A-Lat sealer might seal the bead, but I would try to avoid that if possible. It makes a mess on the inside of the tire. I would try resealing it like you mentioned. Wire brush the rim good and clean the tire bead good. If the rim still looks bad after wire brushing it, I would try to find some bead sealer to brush on the tire bead.

Also, make sure the valve stems aren't leaking while you're at it.
also one last thing, when doing an oil change, i got the oil and filter, should i have gotten the crush washer and gasket for the underneath? they honda dealer asked me, i didnt buy it, should i have?
I usually don't change it and I've never had any problems, just be careful not to over tighten the drain plug and strip it.
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