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back tries leak

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ok, the rear tires, both of them, leak after riding on them for a while. the front tires are fine but the back tires leak only when riding the wheeler. they hold air fine until, like i said i ride on them for about 2 mins. the problem occured for both of them at the same time. i have access to a tire changer, i was thinking of breaking the bead then sealing it again. i dont want to use slim unless i absoluetly have to. do you guys think derimming the tire, cleaning the rim then the rimming it again will solve the problem?
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yeah, i mean, i had the thing sitting in my garage for 2 weeks with out riding it and they held air fine,the minute i ride it, the leak. i think its leaking around the bead
yeah, thats what i was planningon doing, wire bruch it good, the seal it back up
ive done that about 5 times now. no leaks. ive gone over the tires numerous times with soapy water and glass cleaner. i did not see any bubbles

also one last thing, when doing an oil change, i got the oil and filter, should i have gotten the crush washer and gasket for the underneath? they honda dealer asked me, i didnt buy it, should i have?
yeah thats what i thought, i wont over tighten it
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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