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Axle wear concerns

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the atv scene but I recently bought a 2000 400ex that needed the carrier and bearings replaced. I pulled it all out today and the carrier was destroyed on the sprocket side not even a bearing in there anymore. And it looks to have worn on the sprocket mount that's pressed onto the axle. So what I'm wondering is can it be cleaned up? Or will it destroy my new carrier ?


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It looks pretty torn up, I'm not to familiar with sports ATV's so I'm not 100% how all that rear end fits together. All I can suggest is that you clean it up and try a bearing on there, it should be a press fit. Failing that, you could use bearing retainer, loctite make it, Google it.
Worst case scenario, new or good used axle. All you can do is try.
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