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Axle nuts

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Do axle nuts come off clockwise
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you can use a cheater bar. first, clean up the outside threads with a with brush.
a plumbers trick i learned was to try and tighten them first. not hardly at all though, then back up.
make sure it's setting on the ground, also, plus in gear. i think, reverse.
my cheater bar, was only a yard long. 36".
now that i think about it some,,. i have a socket, 19' strong arm, plus a cheater bar, and i might have stood on the cheater bar,, and may have applied heat also. :smile
i did clean the threads 1st.
did i use penetrating oil?,, probably so..

i used a b.f hammer more that once. just not on an axle nut. maybe on my thumb once. it didnt help my thumb
you can find b.f products at any store.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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