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Axle bearing carrier issues

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Hi I have a 2003 hondatrx400ex,,,,so here's the deal,I need bearings and housing so I went on eBay and ordered a black path with 1 doubl row bearing on each side,,,each side only has 1 bearing but there wide double row ones,,,,,sorry just make my self clear so u can picture what I'm talking about,,,,o.k. So I go to install in got it in and after I put the brake caliper holder on it was a hell of a time to get that clamp on ,I had to get a punch a hammer it in the grooves,,,,and then I put the brake disk rotor hub on and the jam nut assembly when I got it tight then I discover there's a gap between the brake hub and the carrier so it throw my caliper placement off,,tried to bring out the caliper with washers but just couldn't get it righ,,,,,,so I grinder down the brake hub till was sug against the carrier and caliper went back on just fine,,,,,,can someone tell me the issue I was having and when I get the correct carrier and bearing do I need a new brak disk hub since I grinded it down,,,,,,
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Thanx man,,,,that's all I've Ben hearing ,,lonstar,lonstar,lone star,,,,,,,,but me grinding the break disk hub will that effect anything when I get the correct one,,,,,,,,I'm gonna go ahead and ride this black path carrier out before I replace it,,,,,,,,but after that I'm tryn to know when i do the carrier replacement should I replace hub to new none grinded hub,,,,,,,,
Axle carrier issues

Right now with the black path carrier the hub being grinded ,the hub sits were its supposed to,,I did that just because it stuck to far out from the carrier my brake caliper wasn't flush against the brake holder and I wasn't successful at makn correct spacer for the caliper and brake pads to go over the rotor,,,so I just said screw it and grinded the hub till it fat snug against the carrier just so my brake caliper would be right up against the caliper holer,,,,,it's ridding like a dream and works as should right,,,,,,,,,will this work till my black path bearing and carrier need to be replaced,,,,,,,
Bearing carriers

I grinded it little by little till it fat snug with the carrier housing,,,,,but I really do thank u for your time in reading my post and giving me your expertise ,,,,,,at this point only time will
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