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awesome place to ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you like good trail riding come up to NEPA the old stripping mines. the best all around trails around but there is hill climbs to flat out haul roads and everything in between. gotta love it.:tongue:
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yeah its right by jim thorpe there is so much riding area you cant do it on a weekend Its just f-en great.
why? there is alot of 250s around here you dont really need a big cc bike around here because we ride alot of trails so the bigger atvs are just overkill unless you ride the haul roads alot. believe me I got rid of my raptor 660\720 for a new 400ex best all around quad for trails. anything bigger is a waste. unless you race than I would go with a 450.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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