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When I bought my 2003 Rincon it had a Big Gun Sport Utility Muffler on it.
It was to loud for me and the wife hated it when she was on the ATV.

To fix this problem and take it back to stock I would have had to buy and exhaust pipe, muffler and the other parts to do the install.
Total parts new OEM was $600.
I found a used muffler on eBay for $260.
A used exhaust pipe on eBay was $20 to $50.
And then I figured if I bought used from eBay what else would I be ordering from Honda to get it installed.

The existing exhaust pipe was not a stock one.
It was changed to fit the Big Gun muffler.
At the end where the Big gun muffler attached with springs was 1 3/4 inch O.D
Picture attached.

After a lot of research online this is what I did.
I bought a Walker muffler model 18179 and a Walker elbow model 41001.
Two 2 inch muffler/exhaust clamps.
I used some plumbing strap and a hose clamp to secure the muffler to the ATV.
I know it sounds bad but is is solid.

The left side of the muffler where the elbow is attached is solid.
The right side was not solid enough for me.
So I took a hose clamp and put it behind the plumbing strap and around the frame behind the muffler.

I had to modify the elbow to make it fit and work.
I cut some of the bell off one end of the elbow to shorten it and then cut grooves in the bell with a hacksaw to allow me to expand it so it would fit over the muffler inlet.
On the other end of the elbow where it went over the existing exhaust pipe I cut grooves with as hacksaw again because the elbow I.D. was bigger than the O.D. of the existing exhaust pipe.
These grooves allowed the elbow to collapse for a tight fit when the muffler clamp was installed.
I had to cut the outlet pipe of the muffler because it was to long and the down turned end was pointed the wrong way once I rotated it to make the elbow fit.

The parts cost $46 to do this.

It's louder than my neighbors stock 03 Rincon but has a nice sound IMO.

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