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ATV wont start

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I have a TRX 420TM. It wont start when i push the start button. Some background. It needed an oil change. So I changed the oil and filter. It sat around for a while before and after this. When i went to start it, it wouldn't work. It has a pull start so tried that and it worked. So thought it was the battery. Pull start worked several times and i put it in the shed. A while later i tried again but couldn't even pull start it.
Took the battery out, put it on a charger that wont over charge. It tried for a few minutes then said it had full charge. Tested with a multimeter and it was well over 12v.
Put battery back into bike. Still wouldn't start and no lights or numbers on dash.
There is no clicking (on this forum there are articles about clicking soleniods).
Fuses look good.
Head light works - full beam ok
horn works
back light works
Can't pull start it
What should I look at next?
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Back again. Can only work on this in the weekend.
Using FSM i tried this:
Troubleshoot electric starter
1 Fuse inspection - all good
2 battery - all good (I believe)
3 Starter relay switch
Does the starter relay switch click? No (it is normal if it does click - mine doesn´t)
If it doesn´t then check relay coil circuits
remove start relay switch 2P green connector
check continuity between light green/black and ground, this was not 0, it was 0.768
If there is no continuity then check
gear position switch - all ok
diode - all good
front break inhibitor switch - all good
poor or loose contact of the related connector terminal
open circuit in the wire harness

How do i test the bottom two?
Any other advice?
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also no voltage at start relay switch 2P green connector = should be 12v
also no voltage at start relay switch 2P green connector = should be 12v
at the starter button, wire should be yellow/red stripe ? ( most are ), you should have power going out when you press the button ?, if your not ?, then you need to trace the power in, and find out why your not getting power in to the start button ?. as for the starter solenoid ?, if your pushing the start button, and it is working ?, then back at the starter solenoid, if it's clicking ?, but not turning the starter over ?, your solenoid is bad. take an old screw driver, bridge the terminals on the top with key on, starter crank then ?, again, if so ?, your starter solenoid is bad.
As I said above, the solenoid is not clicking, I presume because it is not getting power to it?
To get to the start button switch i need to take off the front guard.this will take a bit to do as the bolts seem rusted on, job for next weekend.
Also the ground, how do i work out where it is shorting?

Hi: What year is you TRX420 TM?

Do this -- take a jumper wire place in along side the Bl/R wire connector on the IGN, coil -- leave the BL/R wire the coil --- the other end of the jumper wire touch it on the positive post the the battery. Turn the key on and try starting the bike.
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