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ATV wont start

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I have a TRX 420TM. It wont start when i push the start button. Some background. It needed an oil change. So I changed the oil and filter. It sat around for a while before and after this. When i went to start it, it wouldn't work. It has a pull start so tried that and it worked. So thought it was the battery. Pull start worked several times and i put it in the shed. A while later i tried again but couldn't even pull start it.
Took the battery out, put it on a charger that wont over charge. It tried for a few minutes then said it had full charge. Tested with a multimeter and it was well over 12v.
Put battery back into bike. Still wouldn't start and no lights or numbers on dash.
There is no clicking (on this forum there are articles about clicking soleniods).
Fuses look good.
Head light works - full beam ok
horn works
back light works
Can't pull start it
What should I look at next?
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Welcome to the forums!

What is the year of your Rancher?

You may need a copy of the FSM to aid in troubleshooting and repair? Get one HERE.

I would begin by checking the fuses and cleaning the battery terminals. Then clean the cable connections to ground, both on the frame and motor. Verify that the neutral light is on and kill switch is in the run position. Then report back with symptoms and details...

If the machine sat for a while with fuel in it (Ethanol laced?) then that is probably degrading rapidly and will need to be flushed out and replaced. I'll wait to find out what you are working with...

Have fun with it,
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....the neutral flicked on for a split second and off again
fuel might be an issue but it was only off for a couple of weeks maybe 3, and shouldn't it turn over but not fire?

Yeah it should turn over.... start with that neutral light and get that working and see if it cranks. The FSM is your best troubleshooting friend... indispensable. If ya got any questions along the way drop 'em here so we can help....
if it is battery load problem, shouldn't the lights on the dash work but not kick the motor over?
Maybe... maybe not. Depending on how bad a battery might be.

You can diagnose your problem without a battery installed in the machine if you wish though.... the battery condition is irrelevant 100% of the time! Thats why I never recommend folks to run around wasting time and money load checking the battery... when they haven't even diagnosed their issue yet!!!

All you need is a cheap multimeter (everyone should own one, no matter their skills) to learn where you need to spend your time and money on.

Use the FSM to diagnose... ask questions... get answers... spend time and money on fixing it ONLY.... make sense...?

I step on shadetree's posts all the time! He types way faster than I do and my posts generally are much longer... so he always beats me to the thread and usually is saying much the same things as I am... I'm glad someone (you) have finally stepped up and beat him at his own game!!!! LOL

Read 'em and weep shadetree.... :)
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yep :)
have multimeter, will use FSM to diagnose this week
Cool, looking forward to your updates or questions!
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