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ATV wont start

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I have a TRX 420TM. It wont start when i push the start button. Some background. It needed an oil change. So I changed the oil and filter. It sat around for a while before and after this. When i went to start it, it wouldn't work. It has a pull start so tried that and it worked. So thought it was the battery. Pull start worked several times and i put it in the shed. A while later i tried again but couldn't even pull start it.
Took the battery out, put it on a charger that wont over charge. It tried for a few minutes then said it had full charge. Tested with a multimeter and it was well over 12v.
Put battery back into bike. Still wouldn't start and no lights or numbers on dash.
There is no clicking (on this forum there are articles about clicking soleniods).
Fuses look good.
Head light works - full beam ok
horn works
back light works
Can't pull start it
What should I look at next?
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welcome to the forums. try this: turn the key, getting any lights to the dash at all ?, if not ?, then you have a bad ground ?, bad battery connection ?, or a blown fuse somewhere ?. you should get dash lights when the key is turned on ?, if your not ?, then this is a battery issue ( cables ) ?, or a fuse issue ?. in the past, I have found some small black boxes near the battery, inside this box is a thin metal fuse, it looks like a tiny wrench ?, held in with a screw at each in, this is a main fuse on some models, I do not know if yours has this ?, but worth a look !. if you do have it ?, there is a spare in the cap of the box.
just noticed the neutral light flicks on then off just as i turn the key on the first time
bad battery ?, or lose connection between the battery and engine or ignition or ground :).
would like to add: until you get a neutral light on the dash ?, it won't fire the spark plug !.
just a heads up, just because the battery shows 12 volts ?..does not mean it has the amps to crank your atv !. something is wrong with your battery, cables, ground, starter solenoid connections ?. try turning the key on, jump the starter solenoid post with an old screw driver, does it crank over then ?. a flickering neutral light tells me your battery is not good ?, or not hooked up to the engine/frame good ?, or just bad ?!.
420 rancher.... Neutral light stays on with ignition on, I'm sat on one right now typing this message ;-)
What your saying leads me to beleive you have a battery issue. Your multimeter may say the battery has 12v but it's amps required (cranking amps) to actually start your ATV. I would get your battery load tested (drop tested) or try a known good battery.

Hope this helps :)
haha, you typed most of what I said, but you got it reading my mind now ?..wth !!

I step on shadetree's posts all the time! He types way faster than I do and my posts generally are much longer... so he always beats me to the thread and usually is saying much the same things as I am... I'm glad someone (you) have finally stepped up and beat him at his own game!!!! LOL

Read 'em and weep shadetree.... :)
lmao. it's cool, I don't care who say's it ?, as long as we get the mesg to the OP ?, then it does not matter who says it !
also no voltage at start relay switch 2P green connector = should be 12v
at the starter button, wire should be yellow/red stripe ? ( most are ), you should have power going out when you press the button ?, if your not ?, then you need to trace the power in, and find out why your not getting power in to the start button ?. as for the starter solenoid ?, if your pushing the start button, and it is working ?, then back at the starter solenoid, if it's clicking ?, but not turning the starter over ?, your solenoid is bad. take an old screw driver, bridge the terminals on the top with key on, starter crank then ?, again, if so ?, your starter solenoid is bad.
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