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This appears to be a common problem with many machines, (Ranchers, Forman, Rubicon, etc). The dealerships have no idea about this problem and taking it to a dealership for repair of the problem is a waste of time since it is warmer inside the dealers' facility, and the symptom won't show up for them.

Anyway, the problem lies in the gear shift box, which is on the outside of the transmission. If you have electric shift, there is a motor on top of the shift box. If you have a manual (foot) shift, then the shift lever goes right in to the shift box.

In the shift box, Honda puts some VERY stiff grease. It is for that reason that things work (move) well at higher temps, (above 20 deg F), and not at lower temps! To fix the problem, take the shift box off (it's generally located on the lower front of your engine). It will have about 4 or 5 #10 bolts holding it on. When you remove it, you will clearly see the grease that Honda puts in it, and you will also see that it looks like dried up gum! Clean and scrape out all that grease and replace it with some nice, new, Lithium, All-temperature grease. Your problems will be over, and your machine will shift happily ever after; even below zero!
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