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Trip Advisor has some good review comments by a wide variety of riders..from family looking for a nice day with their young riders, to hard core mudd slingers...the one venue that seems to catch the most grief, and yet offered the greatest variety and span of trails was/is Adventure World in Winnsboro SC.. I've ridden there tends to stay muddy and it has so much traffic, bigger machines, that the trails, which are poorly maintained, get so deeply rutted that smaller quads can belly out and struggle on anything beyond green trails, and lord help the 2wheelers..they do have a cycle only trail section, but the full area is more interesting..and i've ridden all level of trails there on my 2 wheel as well but definitely a challenge just cause of the poor condition of the trails..but there are hard core mudders who just ride down the river bed , find a deep hole and have at it..not my cup of tea..but i'll just park and sit and watch the craziness for a bit.

the other big traffic area...Uwharrie national forest - but on some trails you're sharing with 4x4 jeeps etc.

I'd go nuts if I had to depend on going to these parks to get some ride time in.. I'm blessed to have a bit of property of my own , so I can get my fix on any given day...even if it's just a short romp rather than an all-day trail excursion...most of the local boys have access to hunting property and this is the marjority of their ATV time of year...the balance of the year their quads tend to live in the shed waiting for a new battery next season...but my honda is part of my work tools..enables me to do a lot it never gets a break during the fact, with a wonderful 61 degree November'll see some throttle before the sun sets today I'm sure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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