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ATV tires, opinions, etc

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Looking to replace some ATV tires Need to know if anyone has had any experience with these type tires?
A local tire shop wants $361 for four 6 ply vee rubber brand mounted. Seems two of the VEE rubber 6 ply are about price of 4 of the massfx tires.

Links to the tires in question

and also here for the set of KT type

I can get these tires for $32 less than the prices shown. My average price for 4 is around $190 for the MS type and $211 for the MT type. (unmounted) These are 6 ply rating. they don't have 8 ply.

I use the ATV for going thru brush and climbing flint rock ridges, no hard surfaces. I'm running over sticks and stobs, dead tree tops, etc, thru the woods deer hunting.

The worn out OEM tires that are now on the ATV are KT (directional type and are 4 ply Dunlop) and lived ok with minimum of tire plugs. I think only two of the existing Dunlops have tire plugs. The worn out ones have about 3500 miles on them all slow speed thru the woods.

KT seems to be a directional tire, maybe.
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I bought Dirt Devils (6 ply) for my Yamaha (2wd) and I have been nothing but impressed with the performance and the ride. It rides smooth on the road, and does very well on woods trails, and the occasional mud. I'm not sure if they are available for your bike but they are definitely worth looking at. Just trying to throw another idea out there for you.
Agh Yamaha is fine with me, My 1986 Yamaha has been nothing but amazing. It's the quad I have had the least amount of problems with ;)

Best of luck with your searching
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