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AT 420 2010 refusing to downshifting in Auto mode

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I am surprised I do not see more complaints in the forum about this topic.

I just purchased a 2010 Rancher AT with PS. Love everything about it but…

The 4 wheeler refuses to downshift in auto mode when going up a hill. It will bog down, slip the clutch and just not downshift. If I aggressively increase the throttle it will finally downshift with a tremendous jerk that will almost throw me off the back of the 4 wheeler. I have talked to my dealer and Honda about the problem and they tell me there is nothing wrong with the ATV. Honda’s official response direct from the service technician is “not to use the 4 wheeler in auto mode when going up and down hills.” They refer me to the user’s manual on page 82 which states: “ To climb a hill take a running start in IN AN APPROPRATIATE GEAR and speed for the condition. Maintain a steady speed as you ascend the hill”. Therefore the owner should conclude that you can only go up and down hills in manual mode. The Honda customer support representative said Honda’s official position is never to use the Rancher AT in auto mode when going up and down hills. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but he insisted. I asked what the purpose of an Automatic transmission was if it would not automatically shift based on terrain demand. If you can only use it in wide open level ground you can put it in a gear manually and stay there all day. I continue to assume there must be something wrong with the 4 wheeler. I would invite any comments from others on this topic.
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i found this as well in my 2009 420 a little bit, i didnt really think anything of it, its a little rough changing gears compared to some over autos ive driven anyways, but i dont think theres anything wrong with it, i didnt even make a deal out of it i just started up hills with more speed and its perfect, i doubt theres anything wrong with yours.
just wait until you do a steep climb with someone on back ;)
ok sparky now i cant agree with you anymore, when i said mine was the same i meant very very steep grades with no run off lol and by steep i mean almost vertical lol
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