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Anything special?

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I have an '08 rancher 4x4 e.s. I have always kept the oil changed and the air filter clean, but that's about all the maintenance I've done. Even still, it has served me well.

I'll be flushing the coolant soon, and I plan to replace the fuel filter with the updated unit. I guess it's a good time to replace diff fluid front and rear also.

What else, if anything, should I be looking to do at this point? Lube, grease, check, adjust, etc. Also, is there a good maintenance or shop manual available to us mere owners?


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adjusting the valves is simple. there is a sticky in the repair section by me, I explain in detail the easiest , and fastest way to adjust/set valves on most 4-stroke motors.
I've seen that, but it seems if I don't have the piston top dead center and the intake valve open I can goof it up?

The ATV in question here is an '08 Rancher electric shift. An '08 Rancher is a 420.

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It's not hard. If someone like me can learn, ANYONE can learn.

Pull spark plug.

Pull timing plug on right side of motor (6mm hex IIRC)

Undo rear crank bolt cover (3 10mm bolts)

Put 17mm socket on crank bolt and slowly turn motor over while watching through the hole under the timing plug. Stop when you see a T

Now's when you do Shade's little trick of turning the crank bolt a hair back the other way while watching the valve. If it moves, turn it back until you're on the T again.

Remove gas tank and plastic protector plate, take off valve caps.

Get your feeler gauge and slide it up under the tappet. If it's loose, loosen the locknut and tighten it down a bit with a flathead screwdriver, and then tighten the lock nut. Do same thing on other valve.

Put it back together.

Pulling the tank and plastic crap takes more time than adjusting the valves, and once you do it, you'll know how to do it.

Save you a lot of money over time.
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