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I'm a long time mud racer and new to trail riding and that sorts. Weekend before last when I flipped my 300ex was the first time I rode it somewhere other than the mud drags or the 5 acre field at my house. I was at Crooked Creek by Waco, TX, 500 acre MX/ATV Park. Every since then I've been dying to go again as soon as my leg feels better and also looking for other places to ride. I found this place in Bryan, TX that looks promising but it's over two hour drive wasted if it sucks. Website says it's 1500 acres which is three times the size of Crooked Creek. I'm itching to go riding again, can you tell?

If my quiter exhaust comes in by this weekend I'm probably going to Crooked Creek again this weekend as it is alot closer but I will definetley be taking it easy still as my leg is still hurting from last time. They have a 100db max for exhaust and my 300ex was 117db at half throttle. Dang DG exhaust. They let me ride but said don't bring the 300ex back until it is quiter.

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