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I purchased this 2002 350 es te a year ago and from day one, it has never displayed which gear it is in. I THINK this also means that it won't display the flashing codes when something is wrong.

I never really bothered to try to fix this since 98% of the time I never get out of first or second gear.
As of a couple months ago I've had shifting issues and while working my way through the diagnostic tree in the manual, it is necessary to put the quad in different gears to test resistance, etc. Since I never really know for sure if I've completed the shift with the machine off using the emergency shift lever, I can't really do the proper tests.
Anyone know what would cause everything to otherwise work correctly but the gear not to display on the dash?

Also, if anyone wants to take a stab at the shift issue itself:
Most of the time everything works as it should but on occasion I push the button to up or down-shift and nothing happens. No noise, nothing. The remedy is to turn the machine off, get out the emergency lever, shift it up a gear then back down, then turn the key back on.
To add to the confusion, after running some time, the reverse light starts to come on dimly while in neutral or forward gears. I've also see the neutral light come on dimly while in reverse.

I'd love to hear anyone's diagnosis of any of this if you have a minute!

Machine has new angle sensor (related gears cleaned and re-greased), new reverse/neutral switch, new shift motor and clutch has been adjusted.

Thank you!
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