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the way diodes are used in different applications can be a tricky thing , last year I worked on a Takeuchi excavator that the owner admitted to having hooked the battery up backwards and after hooking it up right , it then kept blowing a fuse and wouldn't run , it had 3 diodes in it after swopping one it quit blowing the fuse -----then I have seen a lot of machines that have factory add on diodes on the alternator that when they go bad the engine will not kill by the ignition switch , because of feedback from the alternator to the kill solenoid

I said I don't know the purpose of the diode , and would like to , does any one know what it does on the 450 , ok we know it lets voltage one way , that's not the answer , I know it ties in to the neutral light , ICM and the stater ----I am curious cause I got one , I ought to go pull that diode out and see what happens or doesn't happen
It is my understanding that the function of the diode that is near the starter is to block an induced high voltage from the starter that occurs when the starter is shut off. If that induced voltage were allowed to enter the system, it would blow the ECM. I don't think you want to remove that diode and see what happens.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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