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Another starting issue....

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Hello, new here. I have a 2008 420 rancher. So a few weeks back it started randomly not starting. Thinking hey, it's the original batt, let's check it. It's good. Anyway, faulty starter. Replace, now, turn the key, and it sounds like a small arc, then all power is lost. I'm trying to get the start solenoid out to check it but the connector is a pain, can't get my hands in far enough to find it. So before I finish that task, does any one have a thought on the short out issue? Not to get much longer, I have isolated the new starter to be sure I didn't get a bad one. Thanks all.
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when you said battery is GOOD< what did you do to confirm this?
stick a volt meter on it?
as if so, that doesn't mean battery is GOOD< you need to test it under a load!

how old is the fuel, if its OLD fuel that alone can be a issue here
have you checked spark at the plug?
is it string?

how does plug look?

as again if battery really SIN"T good, , your sort of spinning your wheels till you rule it out for sure?

ALL chain auto parts stores in the USA will test battery for FREE too , in case you didn;t know this!
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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