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Another starting issue....

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Hello, new here. I have a 2008 420 rancher. So a few weeks back it started randomly not starting. Thinking hey, it's the original batt, let's check it. It's good. Anyway, faulty starter. Replace, now, turn the key, and it sounds like a small arc, then all power is lost. I'm trying to get the start solenoid out to check it but the connector is a pain, can't get my hands in far enough to find it. So before I finish that task, does any one have a thought on the short out issue? Not to get much longer, I have isolated the new starter to be sure I didn't get a bad one. Thanks all.
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If it has a pull starter, I can't find it.... Lol. I'm worried about cooking the ecm when short occurs and lose all power. No fuses have popped either. Thanks
Update on the solenoid part, connector wasn't too difficult, the lead was just pinched under the boot making it look as if it went under the plastic. Anyway, the resistance in the primary side jumps to 12 or so ohms then eventually settle at 4 ish. I understand it's a coil, but doesn't hat sound Normal? Thanks again.
Well, it looks like my digital load tester may be faulty. Dug out the old toaster and it appears I just need to charge the battery... So far. Thanks for the help. I'll get back if it is this simple. On my bad starter, has anyone seen most of the magnets broken? Bearings are fine so that seems interesting to me.
Sweet jumps... That's awesome!! Anyhow, not a battery issue. I look at the schematic and don't see any fusible links, are there any? Still turn key display may or may not light up, if it does, start button shuts all down for unknown time. I did get it running for a few mins earlier. Fecided replace battery, same problem.
Grrrr. Doing this on my phone... Makes my grammar look horrible. Sorry
Yup, seems like a loose connection somewhere near the jbox above the ecm. Or in the evening. Does it turn into a disaster if that jbox I'd opened up? Thanks again all.
Evening .... Stupid fingers... Ecm
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